About Us

The Ivory Bow is the creation of mother and daughter team Yvonne and Chloe Reynolds.  The Ivory Bow prides itself on the quality and presentation of their items and want every customer to enjoy their purchasing experience with us.  We hope you can see the passion, gorgeousness and attention to detail with which we operate here at the Ivory Bow.

We want to provide you with beautiful items to make your event special, unusual and the talking point of your guests.

About Yvonne...

Yvonne started her career as a librarian and then moved into retail for forty years.  She has spent a lifetime making things look beautiful (her Christmas wrapping is the stuff of legends!) and decided to build a business that combines her creative talent and retail experience.  She started making tags and wedding favours out of her spare bedroom (or in front of the TV if a Cary Grant film is on!). 

Yvonne is a mother to Chloe and doting granny to Corinne who is two years old. She likes nothing better than a cold glass of Sauvignon on a sunny day with her friends or family and spoiling her granddaughter at any opportunity.

Yvonne is spending more time developing exciting ideas for the new products that are buzzing about in her head.  So please keep checking the website for new arrivals.

About Chloe...

Chloe works as a Technical Manager in the clothing industry and helps out at The Ivory Bow whenever she can.  She started hand stitching clothes for her Sindy doll at the age of four and then moved onto making things for herself.  She pestered her Mum relentlessly until she was allowed access to the sewing machine a few years later and held her first fashion show at the age of 8 (on the landing for the neighbours!). Chloe has been making and developing clothes ever since for brands such as Nike and Reebok. 

She married her childhood sweetheart and lifelong friend in 2005 at a beautiful DIY country themed wedding in Lincolnshire.  The designer shoes were soon replaced by dribbles and trumpet pants when the gorgeous Corinne Elsa arrived in 2010.  Chloe likes nothing more than a walk on the beach with her family and eating posh lunches.